Sperm Collection and preperation

Frequently Asked Questions for Assisted Reproduction

Sperm Collection and Preperation

On the day of the oocyte collection, the husband will have to provide a semen sample around the time of oocyte collection. The collection is performed by masturbation and semen sample is collected in a sterile container. To achieve the best possible sperm quality, it is advice to have 3 to 4 days abstinence from any sexual activity. The semen sample will then go through a preparation process so that the spermatozoa with the best motility will be isolated in a small volume of culture media. This process activates the spermatozoa and prepares them to fertilize the oocytes. It worth’s to be noted that semen collection on the scheduled day can be a very stressful process and could cause anxiety to men, leading to erectile dysfunction, difficulty to perform or significant delay. To avoid such a situation, the semen collection could be performed at home


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