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The achievement of a pregnancy is undoubtedly a milestone for every young or new couple. The birth of one or more children completes the meaning of creating a family and at the same time sets new goals and visions for the couple. However, for some couples, the desired pregnancy is not easy to be achieved, for some other couples the time simply passes by, while for others, despite the fact that the woman's cycle is regular and without delay, the efforts month after month remain fruitless. A visit to the gynecologist is then inevitable sothat the specialized doctor will find an individualized solution to the problem of the couple.
In the modern era, which is characterized by the rapid advances in science as well as the free exchange of information and knowledge, every couple who is worried about sub-fertility, should look for the best choice for treatment.The ideal approach to the fertility treatment should include an accurate diagnostic investigation, a sincere counseling and the detailed information about the available ways to face each problem. Alongside with the application of the treatment techniques of assisted reproduction, is essential to psychologically support of the couple throughout the time trying to achieve the desirable goal.

We, the people of Embryokosmogenesis are standing by every couple who want to enter the world of assisted reproduction. Our continuous scientific update, the qualitative control of our services, the continuous improvement of our laboratorial and technological equipment, the close collaboration with your personal gynecologist and finally the development of a warm, friendly and most importantly discrete relationship with you, we believe, will help with best and fastest way to reach your long-cherished goal...

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